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Campaign Update:

Now that the road reserve north has been closed an amalgamated into the adjacent South Trigg Beach Class A Reserve (March 2019) our campaign shifts to the south. It is important that the Quindalup coastal dune system south of Scarborough receives a higher protection than it has currently. We want to protect these dunes for future generations and to prevent any future plans for roads and car parks in this regionally significant dune system. (August 2019)

Talk to your friends, neighbours and fellow beachgoers.  Word of mouth and public opinion are taken very seriously by our state and local officials.

Put up a poster – Our big corflute posters cost us $10 but we’ll give you one for free if you put it up (on private property with permission) where it can be easily seen.  Paint the town blue – that will get the message out.  We also have small posters, bumper stickers and T-Shirts – Request Support Material through our online form here..

Download our brochure and share with friends and neighbours – chances are they don’t even know what the MRA is planning.  You can also download our FAQs, which detail the real issues behind the proposals – and show how the MRA is still stuck in the 1950’s.

Let the ‘powers that be’ know how you feel.  Email your local Councillor and your local Member of Parliament.  An email or letter in your own words, from a constituent, is very powerful – particularly as an election is looming.

Email the public servants who are supposed to be acting in the common good:

Another powerful tool is to write to your local newspaper – the Stirling Times, or the West Australian.  A printed letter can really help spread the word.  You can also comment online at the newspaper’s website about articles – which increases the chance of follow-up news stories.


Clearly state your opposition to the extension of The Esplanade north (and/or south) to West Coast Highway at the beginning of your submission/comments.

There are many arguments that can be made about the adverse impact on the amenity of the area to local residents and beachgoers, from poor urban design to environmental matters.  Let the ‘powers that be’ know how you feel, and which of the many reasons represent your views:

  • environmental concerns – destruction of sand dunes in Bush Forever Site 308 and 310
  • creation of additional traffic in the beachfront zone of Scarborough (can you imagine the noisy cruising cars and bikes – the exhaust – and the commuters trying to bypass the lights at Scarborough Beach Road?).
  • loss of amenity to residents
  • danger to children and other beachgoers with another road to cross before they get to the dunes and beach
  • unsustainability of creating more ‘car space’ in a unique urban/natural setting that should be for people, not vehicles
  • 1950’s urban design – not best practice, not designed for the future that we want here in Western Australia

Recently, Premier Colin Barnet said (in regard to northern beaches) “I am tired of seeing our holiday destinations … not having direct access to the beach. Who wants to travel halfway around the world with young children and have their access to the beach separated by a road?”

We think that sentiment should apply to Scarborough Beach, too.