Ask the Experts

Expert opinions do not support additional roads in Scarborough Beach, and particularly not in bushland dunes.  Here is what they have to say:

Assessment of the coastal dunes between Scarborough Beach and Trigg Island:  Dr Vic Semeniuk of the V&C Semeniuk Research Group outlines the type of dunes present north and south of Scarborough, and that they are of state-wide significance.

Vegetation of the BFS 308 Dunes:  Judith Harvey, botanist, from the Wildflower Society of WA lists the vegetation species of the dunes north of Scarborough Beach.

Native and Weed Mapping, Management and Restoration of the City of Stirling Coastal Zone:  Dr Judy Fisher, Fisher Research Pty Ltd

Preliminary Analysis of Broader Life Cycle Environmental Social and Economic Costs and Benefits:  Professor Paul E Hardisty

Entrepreneur Rail Model – Discussion Paper:  Curtin University, February 2016.  How a light rail system can be built using the private sector, at no cost to government.

Stirling City Centre Light Rail Feasilbility Study Part 2 – Parsons Brinkerhoff Pty Ltd, November 2010.  Shows that light rail would be feasible and a perfect solution for Glendalough Station – Scarborough Beach traffic.