Media Release 1 December 2016

Election issue at Scarborough Beach – A campaign for the best of both worlds.

All Media are invited to join our meeting with Alannah MacTiernan on Friday 2 December at 2.00 (north Esplanade) and our meeting with Labor candidates on Saturday 3 December at 12.30 pm (south Esplanade) at Scarborough Beach.

The Beach Not Bitumen action group is ramping up its campaign against new roads at Scarborough Beach in the lead up to the March State Election.

Spokesperson Robyn Murphy said that as there is only three months until the election the group was moving their campaign onto a political footing and has invited politicians and MPs from all parties to meet with them on site at Scarborough Beach.

“It is critical that all decision makers and potential decision makers see the coastal dune systems that will be destroyed if these roads north and south of Scarborough Beach go ahead,” she said.

We are meeting with Alannah MacTiernan who is standing for election for the Labor Party and is a former Minister for Planning and Transport, at the beach on Friday 2 December at 2.00.  Alannah MacTiernan has expressed an interest in this issue and is prepared to take it on board in her campaign.  She has a progressive record in relation to public transport and the environment so we are pleased that she has found the time to meet with us,” Ms Murphy said.

“We are also meeting with Labor Party candidates at the southern end of Scarborough Beach on Saturday 3 December at 12.30.  Tony Walker, Labor candidate for Scarborough, Martin Pritchard MLC and Caitlin Collins candidate for Cottesloe are all interested in this issue, and have taken time out to meet with us for a walk through the dunes.

We are absolutely delighted that the Shadow Minister for the Environment Chris Tallentire MLA committed Labor to stopping the roads through the sand dunes at Parliament House on 17 November when we presented a petition of 3001 signatures opposing the road extensions.  Mr Tallentire said the roads would have a “serious impact on the dunal system and at the same time have huge social impacts” (Quote Stirling Times 21 July 2016).

And we are now seeking the same commitment from other political parties.

The Greens have come on board and support our campaign to stop these unnecessary and environmentally damaging road extensions.  A recent announcement to this effect was made by the candidate for Scarborough Jude Cullity.

We are urging the political parties to have a vision for Scarborough Beach that reflects 21st century planning in environmental protection and transport options that go beyond the car.  And for the current Minister for Planning to instruct her development arm, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority to abandon retrograde planning that would introduce thousands of cars onto the Scarborough Beach foreshore.

It is beyond comprehension that a Minister who has responsibility for Planning and the protection of Bush Forever areas would be supporting the building of new roads within 150 metres of the shoreline.   “These roads will introduce noise, pollution, litter and vehicles where there currently are none, this makes no sense in the 21st century and future generations will not thank us for destroying this unique natural environment,” Ms Murphy said.

“We can provide many examples within and outside Australia where authorities are closing roads and introducing efficient and attractive public transport, cycling and pedestrian friendly access to beaches and foreshores.  The MRA’s own consultants provided international best practice examples which have been ignored in the final Master Plan.” BNB’s sustainability spokesperson Anthony James said.

Mr James said the Government should accept the advice of the experts based on best practice for a sustainable future and take the roads off the table: “Keep the natural sand dunes north and south of the Scarborough Redevelopment and have the best of both worlds.”

“We still don’t know who came up with the flawed idea to build new roads along the beach foreshore, and although the Minister for Planning has been forced by the City of Stirling to look at alternative solutions to perceived traffic problems at Scarborough Beach, there is no evidence that this is happening.  There is a distinct lack of enthusiasm on the part of the Barnett Government to consider the environmental issues that surround these road plans,” Robyn Murphy said.

“It shouldn’t be left to local communities to have to fight to save these important and increasingly rare natural areas.  Unfortunately, this is a trend and the Barnett Government must realise that their cavalier approach to the destruction of Bush Forever areas will have repercussions for them at the election.”

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