In the run up to the WA State Election on Saturday 11 March 2017 we’re updating our political scorecard to make sure you know exactly who to vote for to stop the roads.

Both Labor and the Greens have been vocal in their support of the BnB Campaign from the beginning, so they’re top of our list, followed by Steven Pynt, who also responded unequivocally to our recent candidate survey.

In fact all three have even recorded videos voicing their opposition to the roads and their support of Beach Not Bitumen. Check out the videos!

As we get more information from the candidates, we will keep updating the scorecard. Scroll down to see some of the best quotes from the campaign.


Beach Not Bitumen Election Scorecard — Last updated 8th March 2017. For a bigger version of the image, right click the scorecard and select ‘open in a new tab’.

To see a full list of the candidate preferences for the Upper House, click here:

The Politicians in Quotes


“The idea of a busy road cutting off people’s access to the beach and at the same time cutting the ecology of the area just seems like a crazy idea.”

— Chris Tallentire MLA, Shadow Minister for the Environment and Climate Change

Chris Tallentire has also said that if elected, Labor would honour requests to prevent the roads and called the plan a “terrible mistake”. (Source:

“BNB are not nimbies – they get that there will be high density around Scarborough – but they are right that this should be on the built up areas – not the pristine dunes. As more people come with the higher density – keeping that special wilderness beach experience will be an amazing asset for residents and for tourists. Where else can you get that the juxtaposition of urban buzz and real pristine dunes?”

— Alannah MacTiernan, Northern Metro candidate

 “I do not support the emasculation of the beach/dune area…. we have seen what coastal erosion and dune destruction has done in the past-they must-in perpetuity be manage and preserved. I do support new facilities and modernisation of amenities-along with development and consultative lead times bring the local citizens into the decision process.”
Tony Walker, Lower House candidate for Scarborough

The Greens:

“The Greens do not support the building of roads through Bush Forever Sites at Scarborough Beach and will continue to publicly oppose the roads being built and push for alternative solutions for transport to and from Scarborough Beach.”

— Alison Xamon, Samantha Jenkinson, and Ziggy Fatnowna: Upper House Team, North Metropolitan Region

“I oppose the building of roads through sand dunes north and south of Scarborough Beach. These Bush Forever Areas are protected under State Planning Policies and if elected the Greens will work to enshrine this protection in law.” 

Judith Cullity, Lower House candidate for Scarborough

Julie Matheson for Western Australia Party

“I am standing for [among other things] the Beach Not Bitumen campaign to preserve the Scarborough Beach sand dunes.”

Steve Pynt, Lower House candidate for Scarborough


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