The MRA’s lack of public consultation continues — despite the pleas of Stirling Council, promises from the government, and repeated requests from the Community Advisory Group.

There has effectively been no public consultation since the Minister announced last November that alternatives to the roads were to be explored. And since then the Community Advisory Group (CAG) has met just once, way back in November, and has received no information, despite repeated requests and submissions, until a couple of lines were belatedly received last week – finally describing the scope for the MRA’s consultant to explore alternatives to the roads. BNB has not yet seen this scope.

This is yet another missed opportunity and an indictment on the government’s handling of the redevelopment. Many excellent sustainable transport alternatives have been proposed by BNB, the public, Council, and members of the Community Advisory Group, but the MRA seems to be ignoring them.

Here’s a bit more background for those wondering what the CAG is. In the wake of the mass of support BNB had quickly gathered since its launch in October last year, the Minister for Planning set up the Community Advisory Group – with 6 community representatives, and reps from the MRA, Council, and the state government. This was to be the group the public was to engage with, for input into the proposed roads issue.


When BNB went on to rally at Parliament House on 17 November last year, presenting a 3,000 strong petition to Parliament, the Minister announced that the MRA had been instructed to explore alternatives to the proposed roads. The Community Advisory Group was to continue to be the connection between the community and this process. All enquiries were sent that way. It appeared to be a means of deflection, and sadly it looks to be precisely the intention of the government to use it in this way.


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